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on March 29, 2020 by Cari Strauss

At some point, everyone who drives motor vehicles will have to pay for parking, but not all parking facilities are alike. The available payment options are more varied than ever. Whether it’s a parking garage for short-term parking or a facility for long-term parking at an airport, customers will encounter all kinds of parking payment […]

on March 23, 2020 by Cari Strauss

As a parking facility operator, you need to be able to accept payments through credit cards like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. But that means you need to hire a credit card processing company. There are an overwhelming array of choices for providers of credit card processing and payment gateway services, and it can be […]

on May 28, 2019 by Cari Strauss

EMV chip-based credit cards are taking the payments world by storm. It’s clear now that the further spread of EMV is inevitable, so merchants are left wondering how it will end up affecting their business in the long run. This article will give you a full rundown on what EMV is. From there, we’ll tell […]

on May 6, 2019 by Cari Strauss

What are data levels? Credit card processing is involved in every digital transaction using a credit card or debit card. This process transfers credit card information to and from the issuing and acquiring banks involved in the purchase. These transactions must be secure and PCI compliant to prevent data breach and confidential information from being […]

on May 2, 2019 by Cari Strauss

If you’re an ecommerce merchant processing card-not-present transactions, you need to be PCI compliant. PCI stands for “Payment Card Industry,” and being compliant means staying up to date on all the necessary data security practices. Since hacks of customer credit card data could sink your business, a trade organization called the PCI Security Standards Council […]

on April 29, 2019 by Cari Strauss

Managing fraudulent charges, retrieval requests, and chargebacks can be a struggle. But no matter what kind of ecommerce store you operate, credit card disputes and chargebacks are guaranteed to occur at some point. To make matters worse, consumer studies show that about 86% of chargeback attempts are fraudulent in nature. Using best practices to prevent […]

on February 12, 2019 by Cari Strauss

What are PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems)? PARCS, also known as Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems, allow parking lot owners and operators to collect revenue and control parking lot access using an automated system. They can contain numerous components including credit card payment terminals, gates, license plate readers, software, and others. PARCS […]