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The US spa industry is worth over 16 billion (USD) and this number is continuing to grow. With a market as successful, robust, and in-demand, the number of businesses has started to increase as well. This is a natural occurrence in any niche/industry and the same has been seen with spas and salons. However, to run a robust business that's successful, it's important to choose a refined merchant account.

This decision becomes of utmost importance as the business continues to deal with larger numbers. A spa merchant account is a step in the right direction but it's essential to understand what works and what simply does not.

Here is more about choosing a merchant account for salon and spas.

What are Merchant Accounts?

Before signing a service agreement, it's best to understand merchant accounts and what they bring to a business.

In general, merchant accounts are defined as a financial portal between the business account and customer account (bank/credit card). As soon as the consumer completes the payment, the money is moved from their account to the business account. The payment is done within seconds and "APPROVED" shows up on the terminal. However, this process can only be completed if the payment processing is being done with a seamless merchant account.

This is not optional as a modern-day spa/salon because it's seen in almost every single industry on the planet. This is doubly important for credit card processing where customers are spending money they don't currently have. If the processing isn't in place, they can't make the purchase and potential customers are lost by the business.

Benefits of Choosing a Merchant Account

1) Permits Credit Card Transactions

With spa services, the most important advantage of creating a new merchant account is the ability to process credit card transactions. Imagine someone walks into the location and wants to get a facial, manicure, or pedicure but wants to pay with a credit card? Will the business be able to accept this form of payment or will they have to decline a willing customer that has walked through the front door? With more and more people only carrying cards around with them, it's become necessary to have this option available for them! A quality bankcard POS is essential as it's the only way to continue to increase profit numbers and rake in new customers. With a trusted service that has been around for several years like GAM Payments, it becomes easier to set up the processor and establish a new payment option. Permitting these transactions is essential for any modern-day business and is not as optional as one may think. It's mandatory to optimize how the business is run.

2) Secures Data

Business owners are going to have a few lingering doubts about accepting new forms of payment and that's natural. One may not want to accept new payment methods because it could be challenging, unsafe, or unhelpful while looking to keep people happy. However, this is where choosing a refined and trusted merchant account is the way to go. By choosing a trusted company that has the credibility to do a good job, it's easier to trust the process in its entirety.A quality processor will be one that's safe and will keep all sensitive data protected 24/7. When it comes to processing services, it's all about data security and making sure everything is kept in line from day one. As soon as a quality processor is put in with all the right components, it can become a new way of making money and ensuring clients trust the business. While the owner can feel good about how the data is stored and how quickly the transaction goes through once it's initiated. Whether it's the customer's name, bank card details, or all of the above, there is nothing more important than keeping this information safe as it is the location's responsibility. By using a respected processor, it becomes a simpler task and everything is managed in a professional manner.

3) Simplifies Payment Processing

Most spas and salons appreciate the beauty of accepting multiple payments as it's in demand and almost mandatory at this stage. However, most people don't enjoy the difficulties that can arise with processing payments to make sure they go through on time without ongoing hurdles. Whether it has to do with how the data is stored, how the payment is processed, or how quickly it goes through, all of these variables have a role to play. The simplification of this processing setup becomes a major requirement and expectation for the business. If not, it can start to harm the business and that is why choosing a reliable team is essential. It is the only way to feel secure about the merchant account at all times of the day. GAM Payments is an example of a service that is ahead of its time, respected, and proven when it comes to simplifying the merchant account process. Owners don't have to second-guess themselves as soon as the credit card is used.

4) All-Inclusive Setup

To make the most of point-of-sale systems, it's all about the setup and how it comes together. The location is going to need a solution that has been personalized and has all the necessary components to be implemented immediately. If the business has to wait around for everything to work then it can lead to a serious loss of business. This is why going with a trusted service is mandatory as it's the only way to feel good about how quickly the setup will be in place. The all-inclusive setup makes sure the business has all the right pieces to get started with processing payments. This is going to include the terminals, settings, account details, and anything else that has to be included before the purchases can be approved. Whether it is a Swagbucks account, Harbortouch, or anyone else, the setup is always going to have a role to play.

5) Increases Sales

The day spa is going to want one thing and that's an increase in sales. The goal is to bring in as many people as possible and sometimes it's the little details that end up mattering most. A lot of customers can be turned away because they can't pay with their method of choice. If a business wants to grow at a consistent rate and continue to outdo its competition then a quality POS system is going to become essential in the long-term. It will be the only way for the business to welcome new customers and still feel safe about how the payments are going through. With credit card processors, the numbers will start to shoot up in a matter of minutes. People are going to walk through the door and feel confident about how they will pay. Some might look at a business that only takes cash as an enterprise that isn't serious about what it's doing. This is about building a positive and respected brand and it all starts with a quality POS system such as GAM Payments. This can be a launching pad to higher profits.

Qualities of a Top-Tier Credit Card Processor

1) Accredited Service Provider

While looking at all of the options available to the spa/salon, it's always going to come back to the safety of choosing a particular processor. There are many service providers but the reason GAM Payments continues to stand out as the best in the business has to do with its accredited setup. This is a team that has been put through rigorous training and continues to refine its protocols for maximum efficiency. This includes security, efficiency, and general customer service.As a hair salon and spa, the main goal is to choose a solution that is accredited and has the backing of everyone else in the market. Otherwise, issues can start to develop that are difficult to manage and might frustrate customers as soon as they look to pay.If the goal is to accept credit cards then it will always come back to choosing a provider that has done it all and done it well. This can be a game-changer for the business and ensure everything is implemented as smoothly as possible. An accredited service provider is able to offer this and more as soon as the business is ready to take the next step forward in its journey.

2) Fully Customized for Spa/Salon

To choose a merchant services provider, the goal has to be to select a solution that is fully customized. Each location is going to have its demands and those have to be catered to in order to build something that's seamless, efficient, and simply perfect. If not, the business can start to be impacted and that is the last thing anyone wishes to see. With the help of an accredited provider, it's easier to build something that's robust.The solution will end up being focused on the business, how it operates, and how the payments will be processed. All of these details have to be taken into account before the relationship is established between client and provider. Flagship merchant services such as GAM Payments have been around for a long time and hold great credibility when it comes to delivering perfect solutions. Clients are able to generate a positive response that is simple, efficient, and streamlined for their customers.

3) Years of Expertise

Choosing an account provider for contactless payments will come down to its years of expertise. How long has the provider been working? How long has the team been in the industry? Does it have the requisite experience to help out a new salon/spa?These are the questions that will stand out as being important for any modern-day business. No one wants to hire a service that doesn't take these details into account before establishing a relationship. To make sure the solution is a safe one and goes ahead as smoothly as possible, it's best to choose an experienced team that has been around the industry. GAM Payments is a perfect example of this experience, dedication, and general professional clients are after.

4) Robust Technical Support

Paying the monthly fees to keep the account running is ideal because of the robust technical support. Clients are able to feel good about how things are running because of the ongoing support? A team of technicians is always on standby to help iron out issues that pop up from time to time. This is a great way to feel confident in how the payments are processed and how potential solutions can be found in a matter of seconds.GAM Payments has built up a team that is consistent, fast, and ready to work at any time of the day. This level of support is essential when it comes to a great POS system. The spa can continue to run as it always has without having to worry about processing new payments.

5) PCI-Compliant Technology

Being PCI-compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is essential for any modern-day business that wants to push ahead and do well in the long-term. Accepting new payments is a step in the right direction but it has to be done with a refined processor such as the one offered by GAM Payments.Whether it is something as simple as a hyphen character or Harbortouch online, there is nothing more important than accuracy and security. If a business is not able to stand behind its processor then how can it run in the long-term?

Being PCI-compliant is what defines a quality merchant account.

GAM Payments is one of the most established companies for spas and salon owners. For the ultimate payment gateway, this all-inclusive setup is the right option for small business owners. Take this opportunity to select a merchant account that is simple, secure, and fully customized. With the team's years of experience in offering a wide array of payment services to spas/salons in America, this is a one-stop solution for all payment needs. Handling multiple payment methods has never been easier than it is with the help of GAM Payments.