It is no secret that electronic payments have revolutionized everything we have known as traditional commerce.  This new era of e-commerce simultaneously satisfies both consumer craving for fresh marketplaces as well as convenience… both in person and online… in record time… on a global scale. Along with this new way of conducting business electronically, there […]

What is Good Customer Service in the Parking Industry? As technology in the parking industry has developed, the customer service dynamic between parking lot owners and employees and their customers has changed dramatically. Today, the retail interaction is generally between the customer and an automated payment system. However, customer service in the parking industry is […]

Parking industry technology has come a long way. Automation is making parking lot attendants become a thing of the past, saving operators overhead and streamlining the process for customers. But beyond the obvious factor of having to pay fewer employees, there are lots of ways technology is increasing revenue for parking lot operators who know […]

Finding the actual people who are behind the domain name you are looking for ranges from easy, to darn near impossible. But where there is a search engine and a little ingenuity, there is a way. We’ll cover some of the basic behind domain ownership, major resources you can use to search out the answers […]

If you’ve ever been waiting in line to pay and seen a customer wave or tap her debit card near a payment terminal to buy something, you’ve seen contactless payment. Many stores are moving to make payment easier for their customers—by eliminating the need for cash and allowing payment with a variety of devices, including […]

Almost daily, news broadcasts are reporting breaking stories about yet another data breach. In 2018, data breaches affected many of the United States’ largest companies, including Marriott Hotels, MyFitnessPal, Quora, Google Plus, Orbitz, T-Mobile, and even Facebook. Unfortunately, the mile-long list doesn’t end there. With increasing frequency and rising risk in today’s digital world, data […]


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