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We’re a New Kind of Full-Service Merchant Services Provider

GAM Payments is run by business owners and mangers like yourself. It started out of a frustration and our entrepreneurial founders saying ‘There has to be a better way’. We wanted a processing company that was created based on:

TransparencyTrusted AdvisorsTrue Partners

Our initial thinking and approach was there had to be a better solution where someone gave us intelligent answers acting like a trusted adviser and being a true partner, the way an accountant or lawyer would treat their clients.

GAM Core Values





Living What We Say:

We got a call late Sunday night from one of our clients that processing wasn’t working. From 9 PM until 3 AM that Sunday night we stayed up making sure the client would be able to operate fully when they woke up the next morning and opened for business. Another company saw processing rates in excess of 20% of sales. We worked to fix rates and software that was programmed incorrectly. We aren’t the company making profit from that 20%, but we are the company who looked at what was going on, explained what was happening and fixed the situation for the merchant. We aren’t point-of-sale hardware providers and we aren’t software developers, but we get involved and make sure that each and every client is treated like family and will figure out what makes sense for each client, even if that means referring you to another provider. There are a lot of people out there making outrageous claims, we won’t do that. What we will do is work to earn your business and work to make sure we are here to help when and as needed.

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